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AEG Multisourcing Manufacturing Model

American Engineering Group(AEG) is a leading multisourcing  Manufacturing Service Provider(MSP) . AEG is Manufacturing Service Provider(MSP) for several automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.  AEG multisourcing model is recognized by several US automotive companies -a new model that the company takes very seriously and shares with the 100 members of our supply chain. To further cement the company’s long-term partnerships with key suppliers, AEG has developed a program of value managed relationships. Rooted in the company’s “Supplier partnerships for life” philosophy, the AEG program provides 10 of AEG’s top suppliers with three-to-five-year preferred vendor relationships, which at times include defined and forecasted order commitments. These relationships benefit both parties. Based on the strength and commitment of these relationships, suppliers can upgrade their facilities, hire the workforce, and purchase the necessary equipment to meet future delivery schedules. AEG benefits because such long-term relationships result in improved quality and delivery as well as more cost-effective pricing.

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