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Focused Engineering Solutions for the Multisourcing Manufacturing Supply Chain

Computer-Aided Design, Engineering and Manufacturing (CAD/CAE/CAM) are tools that help reduce costs and shorten the design, prototype and production cycle. These computer-aided tools can also help to incorporate Six Sigma, Lean manufacturing and Just-In-Time (JIT) in the supplier processes bringing credibility to new design concepts. American Engineering Group (AEG) is utilizing these tools to provide a Multisourcing Manufacturing Solution (MMS) by bringing new automotive components to the marketplace in the shortest possible time, with the lowest cost, and highest quality.

CAD/CAE/CAM are becoming more popular as a standard analysis tools in the automotive industry for design, failure and manufacturing process analyses. Another notable reason for this popularity is the recent changes in automotive specification requirement for parts comprised of new materials or designs. The automotive industry is trying to make components that could withstand 500,000 miles of minimum warranty.

The automotive OEM companies have been changing their way of doing business. Traditionally the automotive companies would design and develop a product, perform comprehensive testing, send prints and specifications to suppliers for quotes. The most cost competitive supplier got the business. To remain competitive on a global basis, the automotive companies now are relying on their suppliers to provide product design, analysis, testing and manufacturing. The new approach is to get product through a Multisourcing Manufacturing Provider (MMP). This is an evolution of the old supply and demand chains into new one-to-one MMP relationship. In the past, it may have been enough to have the lowest cost. Now, a supplier must have world class quality, excellent service, low cost, be globally competitive and deliver just in time. In order to obtain these goals, it is essential that manufacturers reduce their product development design cycle time and shortened time to market. CAD/CAE/CAM are tremendous productivity tools for the engineer to create, test, modify and manufacture design ideas.


Schematic overview of the Multisourcing Manufacturing Solution with just-in-time delivery


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